Telecom Egypt officially sponsored the event of "Made in Egypt", Income of this charitable market has been allocated for:-
• Providing monthly subsidies for 350 poor families.
• The renovation of the drinking water network in West Shubra Al Khaimah.
• Funding-Insurance for orphans of “Awlady Association.
• Providing technical training for girls with special needs. Telecom Egypt participated in sponsoring of the First Arab Regional Conference in Human Resources Development. TE also participated in the sponsorship of the Annual Exhibition for Productive Families (DYARANA 2009)

Telecom Egypt has been making donations and contributions for several community service projects including creation of a house for the elderly, launch of a nursery for handicapped children, and donations for facilitating the marriage of handicapped persons. In addition, Telecom Egypt contributed to a several huge projects such as the activities to market the goods produced by the handicapped people, and the ones that facilitate providing loans and saving plans for needy families. It is worth mentioning that Telecom Egypt is regularly sponsoring the annual social exhibition for the productive families (DYARANA) that aims to boost the incomes of disadvantaged families. Moreover, it is sponsoring annual entertaining and recreational events for orphans. Telecom Egypt contributed funds for literacy classes all over the country. Moreover, and as a key initiative, Telecom Egypt and TE Data jointly launched the "Anwar" CSR program to spread literacy in Upper Egypt in collaboration with effective, well-experienced non-governmental organizations in specific governorates like Qena and Sohag.

TE sponsored a variety of social events and functions as the group wedding that took place at the Cairo International Stadium in September, and the handicapped conference in November. TE also sponsored the first African Education Conference held in January, the High Honors Secondary Students’ Ceremony in August and supported the international Workshop of the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University that took place in October and November. It also offered financial contribution to the new El-Wady El-Gedeed University campus. Moreover, TE set up the Producing Families (Deyarna) Exposition in May and purchased 150 personal computers for Developing Masr El-Gedeeda. It also played an active role in supporting women’s issues in Egypt through sponsoring the Sixth African Arab Conference for Businesswomen.

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