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GDR Information

Telecom Egypt Launched its GDR programme to enhance the company’s profile and enlarge its investor base, in addition to creating a convenient mean to our international investors to invest in TE. TE has run a GDR programme since Dec-07-2005 under the CUSIP-87927T103, symbol TEEG

Benefits of GDR

Investors who hold GDRs invest directly into foreign companies without having to understanding the rules of the foreign financial market.

  *  GDRs provide the investors the ease of trading and liquidity.
  *  GDRs are quoted in US dollars and pay dividends in US dollars.
  *  Lower costs of keeping and trading GDRs in the local market.
  *  Global custodian safekeeping charges are eliminated.

The Place where TE’s GDRs are traded

Telecom Egypt’s GDRs are traded on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “TEEG”.

TE’s depositary for GDRs

The Bank of New York Mellon

Buy a TE GDR via broker

GDRs are bought via any broker of your choice, the same as it is with any other security.

Convert ordinary shares in TE into GDRs or GDRs into ordinary shares

The investor’s broker shall notify the Bank of New York Mellon with a request to convert GDRs into ordinary shares and vice versa. Or At the request of the investor or his/her broker, The Bank of New York Mellon executes the conversion process.

Who can buy TE GDRs?

Large institutional investors that own at least $100 million in investable assets

The GDR: Ordinary share ratio

One GDR equals 5 ordinary shares

The trading/security identifiers


ISIN: US87927T1034

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