Telecom Egypt participated as the main sponsor for the charity ceremony of Women's Association for Human Development (Hayatty), the allocation ssof income was dedicated to the beneficiary of completing construction of a hospital Achmoun to combat blindness. TE also participated as the main sponsor of a charity event for the Egyptian Association of Villages’ Development, the income of the concert has been allocated for the completion of establishing dialysis unit. Telecom Egypt joined the ceremony of Egypt’s Hearts to care for patients with heart troubles, as a main sponsor. Telecom Egypt purchased dialysis medical equipment for Rafah hospitals.

Telecom Egypt invests most of its resources in the healthcare field. It has fully funded open-heart surgeries conducted in Egypt and abroad for an average of 7,500 children, in collaboration with Kasr Al Ainy Hospital. In addition, it has contributed to the construction of the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357, which provides free treatment to young cancer patients. Telecom Egypt also donated funds for purchasing the equipment for the Organ Transplant Unit of Ain Shams University Hospital to help the needy liver and kidney patients. As well, Telecom Egypt makes contributions for the provision of necessary equipment and gear for emergency rooms. To continue its investments in other governorates: it funded the construction of Ashmoun Hospital for blindness in Al Monoufeya governorate and made donation for the kidney dialysis center’s establishment for patients in need in AL Qalyoubia governorate. Other contributions in the health field, the contribution to supply equipment for the patient’s rooms of the general surgery unit at Ain Shams University Hospital, particularly the ones serving infants and children. Also, it contributed to the hospitals’ medical units’ improvement which offers the medical service to the children for free. In addition, Telecom Egypt donated for equipping a new unit for burns treatment at Cairo University Hospital, which was dedicated to the free treatment of disadvantaged patients. Besides, the company made additional donations for projects that offer highly subsidized treatment for young cerebral palsy patients. Other substantial contributions include funding several programs aimed at providing health care for needy handicapped people and other disadvantaged students who are visually impaired.

TE funded a television infomercial in support of the 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital. In addition, it has made various generous donations to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE), the Friends of Ain Shams’ Children’s Hospital Society and Ain Shams Hospital’s Organ Transplantation Unit. TE has also taken part in launching a dialysis center in Al-Qaliubeya governorate.

TE has dedicated considerable time and effort to ensuring cancer patients have full access to physiotherapy and rehabilitation support, working alongside specialized organizations such as the National Institute of Cancer Patients’ Friends, the Cancer Hospital for Kids and The National Institute For Live Diseases in an attempt to abate illnesses which afflict so many Egyptians. Telecom Egypt has supported projects which enhance the quality of life of the disabled. Programmes have included regular donations to the “Disabled Children’s Hospital” to afford these children the opportunity to learn and play sport as part of their rehabilitation programme..

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