TE was among the main sponsors of “The First Egyptian Race to Recover” that took place on October 2009 at the Pyramids. The spectacular event was organized by the “Egyptian Association for Preventing Breast Cancer” in collaboration with the well-known American organization “Suzan G. Komen”. The runners’ race was one of a series of races organized around the world bringing spotlights on breast cancer and creating awareness about early detection procedures and its importance among the adults. 

Telecom Egypt sponsored the first world volleyball championship for handicapped men and women in Ismalia. And no doubt that handicapped people need this kind of help to boost their self-confidence, to feel normalcy, and to be productive.

TE sponsored the 21st Speed Ball World Cup final, in which Egypt won the gold medal in October 2007. It also held the third Ramadan tournament for companies working in ICT industry and sponsored the 11th Arab tournament in November, which included football, handball, basketball, and other sports. Moreover, TE has consistently honored Egyptian athletes.

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