Telecom Egypt sponsored the conference of "Human Resources Development in Egypt and Examining the Challenges Facing the Tourism Sector & the Telecommunications/Information Technology Sector”.

Telecom Egypt sponsors a series of conferences and seminars to stay ahead in the field and provides a continuous development to the Egyptian market; it is sponsored the 6th International Conference for Information and Communications Technology (ICICT 2008) that provides opportunities for sharing experiences and learn about the latest solutions of the industry worldwide. In addition, it sponsored the 6th International Conference for Informatics and Systems (INFOS 2008), where researchers discussed the latest in the field. It provides a great environment for sharing and debating innovations and new achievements. Moreover, Telecom Egypt sponsored a conference on technology management policy in the era of globalization, in which several Korean universities participated and had covered issues related to the telecommunications and information technology field. Besides, Telecom Egypt sponsored the 6th Mansoura Conference for Computers and Information Technology (INDEX 2008). Moreover, Telecom Egypt sponsored a conference dedicated to ensuring safe usage of the Internet by children and teenagers in the framework of a larger national initiative for spreading the culture of peace through the usage of telecommunications and information technology sponsored by Egypt's first lady and supported by the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It also sponsored the 2nd Conference for Information and Post Techniques (POSTECH 2008) that was organized to highlight the latest advanced postal technologies and services worldwide. Finally, Telecom Egypt sponsored the first International Conference for IT New Generation, which was held by the Electronics Research Institute in collaboration with IBM as a forum for interaction between academic and industrial actors.

TE sponsored the Copyrights and Information Technology Conference in May, the 24th National Radio Science Conference in March, the 6th Egyptian Engineers’ Day in July and the International Convention for Telecommunications and Information Technology Technique in December.

Telecom Egypt has continued its long-standing work with orphans through numerous charitable donations and its fourth consecutive year of sponsorship for “National Orphans’ Day” on the 7 April, 2006. Telecom Egypt has supported projects which enhance the quality of life of the disabled. Programmes have included regular donations to the “Disabled Children’s Hospital” to afford these children the opportunity to learn and play sport as part of their rehabilitation programme.

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