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Through the hard work of our management and staff, Telecom Egypt has succeeded to fulfill the best corporate practices, transparency and sincere communication with investors, TE has earned a number of distinguished awards

GTM/EGX Best Investor Relations Award 2010

Telecom Egypt has been awarded the coveted GTM/EGX 2010 Best Investor Relations Award for excellence in its communications with international financial markets.The GTM/EGX Annual Awards are launched by the Global Trade Matters in partnership with the Egyptian Stock Exchange, in association with Credit Suisse – and are proudly sponsored by Bank of Alexandria and CI Capital Holding. Telecom Egypt won this award in respect of its great success in creating a culture of entrepreneurship, developing best IR practices and carving out powerful and sustainable models of business in Egypt and around the world, soliciting a worthwhile feedback from institutional investors and sell-side analysts among the investment community. The Annual GTM/EGX Awards are the first national business awards to recognize the crucial role of the private and public sector companies traded on the EGX 30 Index. The spirit of these prestigious awards lies in the pursuit of innovative and productive core business practices to sustainable development and in the emphasis on corporate social responsibility towards the communities of cities, towns and villages where such companies operate .

Best Corporate Governance Disclosure Award 2009

Telecom Egypt was certified by the Egyptian Institute of Directors for the Best Corporate Governance Award in 2009 in recognition of TE’s adherence to International best practiced standards in the corporate governance implemented in its 2008 Annual Report and through its informative, clear website. This award is considered an assurance of TE’s Supremacy emerging as material property via its accuracy and transparency reflected in its fully comprehensive annual report and website..

GTM/EGX Best Financial Transparency Award 2008 / 2009

Telecom Egypt had the honor of winning the 2008/2009 GTM/EGX Award for Best Financial Transparency among the companies traded on the EGX30 Index.The Strategic Advisory Board comprised of Local and International experts representing various sectors have met on several occasions in a collective effort to select Telecom Egypt for this award 2 respective years in recognition of its efforts to abide by and apply the highest standards of corporate governance. It came in liaison of TE’s financial stability reflected in the clearance and transparency provided for both local and international financial communities.

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