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Press Releases

Telecom Egypt submits offer to the NTRA for additional spectrum

19 September 2020
Telecom Egypt announces that it has submitted a financial and technical offer to the National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) to apply for additional spectrum. The spectrum will be in the 2600MHz band utilizing TDD technology and with a right of use of 10 years. The company is currently awaiting the NTRA's decision and approval. This step comes in light of Telecom Egypt's continual endeavor to improve its service quality and increase its reliance on its own network by pumping new investments into the allocated spectrum. 

In line with its strategy to transform from a fully integrated telecom provider to the leading ICT provider in Egypt, Telecom Egypt constantly seeks to utilize advanced technological solutions to modernize its networks and infrastructure to enhance the quality of its services, reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and meet its customers' aspirations.