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What is the company’s headquarters address?

B7, Smart Village, K28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road Cairo, Egypt

What is Telecom Egypt’s business?

TE provides retail telecommunication services including access, local, long distance and international voice, Internet and data, and other services. The company also provides wholesale services including bandwidth capacity leasing to ISPs, and national and international interconnection services. Telecom Egypt’s services also include the provision of narrowband and broadband internet access through its subsidiary TE Data

How Can I contact Telecom Egypt’s Investor Relations?

Please visit our IR Contacts on the top of the Home Page.

What is Telecom Egypt’s Fiscal Year?

You can get TE’s financial information on Shareholders’ Information Section on this website.

On what stock exchanges are Telecom Egypt’s shares traded and what are Telecom Egypt’s ticker Symbols?

Telecom Egypt’s shares are traded on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) under the ticker symbol ETEL and on London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the ticker symbol TEEG.

How can I invest in Telecom Egypt?

KPMG and the Central Auditing Organization.

Can I Purchase Telecom Egypt’s stocks directly from the company?

No, you can only purchase stocks in our company through a registered brokerage company.

When does Telecom Egypt report Earnings results?

Please visit the Calendar of Events sub-section in the Shareholders’ Information Section.

Where can I find historical Telecom Egypt Financial Statements?

Please go to Shareholders Information section to view and download historical and recent financial statements.

On which accounting standards are the consolidated financial statements of Telecom Egypt based?

Telecom Egypt prepares its consolidated financial statements according to both, Egyptian Accounting Standards (EAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

How do I get a copy of Telecom Egypt’s Annual report?

Our annual report is available in the Shareholders’ Information section. If you would like a printed copy, please complete our information request form.

How do I find Telecom Egypt’s Investor Presentation?

The FY Investor Presentation is in the Shareholders’ Information Section.

Does Telecom Egypt issue Dividends?

Please go to TE Shares Section to view the Dividends Table.

How can I get Information on Telecom Egypt’s GDRs?

You can get complete information on Telecom Egypt’s GDRs from TE Shares Section.

How Can I get Telecom Egypt’s historical share price?

You can get TE’s historical and current share price from share price subsection on this website.

How Can I participate in Telecom Egypt’s Quarterly Conference calls?

You can send your request to Investor Requests sub-section in the IR Services section

Do you issue preferred stock?

No, Telecom Egypt did not issue any preferred stocks

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