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What are Telecom Egypt’s business lines?

Telecom Egypt provides consumers and enterprise telecom services including fixed plus mobile voice and data services. The company launched its new retail brand “WE” with the introduction of mobile services on 19 September 2017. Telecom Egypt also provides wholesale services to domestic and international operators through the offering of capacity leasing and national and international interconnection services. Additionally, the international business unit boasts 13 cable systems connected through four landing stations linking Asia, Africa and Europe.

Where is Telecom Egypt’s headquarters located?

We are located in Giza, Egypt. Our address is: B7, Smart Village, km 28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Giza, Egypt.

How can I contact Telecom Egypt’s investor relations team?

There are several options under the Contact Us tab in the IR homepage. You can send us an email on, sign up to our mailing list or submit a question. We aim to get back to you within 24 hours from receiving your inquiry. The investor relations email is read by all the investor relations team members.

When was Telecom Egypt’s initial public offering (IPO)?

Our IPO took place in December 2005.

On which stock exchanges are Telecom Egypt’s shares traded?

Telecom Egypt’s shares are traded on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) under the ticker ETEL.CA and on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the ticker TEEG.LN.

What is the number of Telecom Egypt’s outstanding shares?

The number of shares stands at 1,707,071,600, 70% of which are owned by the government and the rest is free float.

When does Telecom Egypt’s fiscal year end?

Telecom Egypt’s fiscal year ends on 31 December of each year.

Who are Telecom Egypt’s independent auditors?

Telecom Egypt’s independent registered public accounting firm is KPMG. The company is also periodically audited by the Central Auditing Agency.

Where can I find Telecom Egypt’s historical financial information?

The investor relations website offers multiple resources that can be found under the Financial Information tab of the IR homepage. You can find there our financial statements based on both the Egyptian Accounting Standards (EAS) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Our earnings release highlights the key financial and operational trends of our Quarterly Results and our factbook in excel format includes all our financial statements, more breakdowns for business units’ revenue and the operational KPIs; all spread out on a quarterly basis showing the historical performance to facilitate building models by analysts as well as timely analysis of quarterly results once announced

How can I participate in Telecom Egypt’s quarterly results conference call?

You can subscribe to our Mailing List under the Contact Us tab of the IR homepage to receive our invitations periodically. Alternatively, you can contact send us an email on and we will forward the invitation to you. If you missed a call, our transcript will be published under the Quarterly Results sub-section of the Financial Information tab within a week from the call

Does Telecom Egypt issue dividends?

Telecom Egypt aims to provide investors with a continuous stream of annual dividends. Our historical dividend distribution can be found under the Share Information tab. Telecom Egypt aims to balance dividend distribution and the reinvestment of its cash flows in its Capex program, which is viewed as the key driver for inducing future growth. 

When is the annual meeting for Telecom Egypt’s shareholders?

The annual shareholder meeting usually takes place in March of every year.